Resources from the 2014 SPAC Conference

The presenter handouts from the 2014 conference may be downloaded and printed from the links below. Note: Documents are in .pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open and download the publication. For a a free copy of Acrobat Reader, go to <> and click on Downloads.

Tuesday July 1, 2014 Sessions

Be Your Child’s Champion
Mary P. Hall, Communication & Outreach Specialist, Pennsylvania Key and Bridgette Vogelsong, Parent
Download handout: PowerPoint Presentation

Diversity and Inclusion in Our Schools: Being an Agent of Change
Mauricio Velásquez, Diversity Training Group
Download Handout 1: Diversity is about all of us
Download Handout 2: Being an agent of change

Family, School, and Community Connections: Enhancing Engagement Efforts for Greater Student Outcomes
Andrea Ellis, Educational Consultant, PaTTAN and Judy Baker, Parent Consultant
Download Handout: PowerPoint presentation

Growing Successful Readers to Meet PA Core Standards
Deb Fulton, Educational Consultant, PaTTAN and Pam Kastner, Educational Consultant, PaTTAN
Download Handout: Meet the PA Core Standards
Download Handout: The strands that are woven into skilled reading
Download Handout: Key instructional shifts in ELA Literacy

Helping Your Child Prepare for College and Career
Bonita Allen, Parent Involvement in Education (PIE)
Download Handouts:
6th Grade Parent Guide
7th Grade Parent Guide
8th Grade Parent Guide
AA Parent Guide
LCCC College Brochure
Parent Involvement Brochure
Hispanic Parent Guide (English)
Hispanic Parent Guide (Spanish)
Homework Brochure
HS English Parent Guide
HS Math Parent Guide
Prepare your child for college

Helping Your Child with Reading
Nichole L. Kopco, Educational Consultant PaTTAN – Harrisburg
Download Handouts:
Helping Your Child with Reading
Put Reading First Brochure
Reading Tips
San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading Ability

How to Help your K-3 Child Succeed in School
Barbara Sudzina, Head Teacher 1st Grade, Wilmington Area School District and Lori Blair, Title I Teacher, Wilmington Area School District
Download Handout: Be Part of a Team

Keeping Your Child Safe Online
Jill Manczka, Director of Communication Services, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV
Download Handouts:
Tips for Monitoring Kids' Social Media
Are You a Cyber Bully?
Common Acronyms
Internet Slang
Think Before You Click PowerPoint

Making Connections: Family Engagement in Afterschool and Out of School Time
Caroline Allen, Coordinator PSAYDN
Download Handouts:
Afterschool Alert
Afterschool Network
Afterschool Development Network
Bringing Families into OST Learning
Family Engagement in Anywhere/Anytime Learning
Focus on Families
National PTA Resolutiong on Afterschool Programming
National Standards

Math Problems – Math Problems-No Problem: Helping Your Child with Words Problems
Sharon Bakner, 4th Grade Math and Science Teacher, Forbes Road Elementary School and Martin Bakner
Download Handouts:
Comparing Word Problems
Helping your Child with Word Problems
Math Code Words

Parenting with Pizzaz
Deborah Dunstone, President of PA PTA and Linda Burns, Past Chair of State Parent Advisory Council, Consultant to PA PTA
Download Handouts:
2nd Grade Dunstone
10 Tips for Fueling Your Child's Brain Power
15 Things You Can Do
Connect with Your Child's School and Community
Dunstone 10 Ways
Dunstone Recipes
Dunstone Stress Relief
Helping Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior
How Good a Listener are You?
Learning is a Year-Round Job
Recipes for Success
Six Basic Critical Thinking Skills
Talking Through a Book
Visual Learners

Purpose-Driven Family Engagement  
Mark Conner, Chairman-Family Engagement Committee, PA PT A
Download Handouts:
2012 PSSA Mathematics, Reading, Science, & Writing
PTA National Standards
Purpose Driven Family Engagement

School Safety & LGBT Students
Vanessa Davis, Chapter Director, GLSEN (Gay Lesbian & Straight Education)- Pittsburgh
Download Handouts:
Developing a LGBT Inclusive Classroom
Matchup Terms

Sensational Strategies to Make Learning a Blast
Jen Blasko, Title I Reading Specialist, Reynolds Area School District
Download Handouts:
Rainbow Writings
Sensational Ways to Make Learning a Blast
Shadow Reading
Simple Games to Play at Home
Spelling Roll a Word

S.O.S. Reading Spotlight on Skills Workshop
Patrick Smith, Reading Specialist, Pleasant Valley School District.

Strengthening Families through Parent Cafés
Rijelle Kraft, Family Support Technical Assistance Coordinator, Center for Schools and Communities
Download Handouts:
Core Meanings of the SF Protective Factors
PPT Handout

Title I Parent Involvement Policies
Erin Derr, Regional Coordinator, Department of Federal Programs
Download Handouts:
918 Title I Parent Involvement
Invitation Sample
New Wave of Evidence
No Child Left Behind Example Letter
Parent/Family Survey
Parents' Right to Know Sample Letter
School Parent/Student Compact Sample
Title I Parent Involvement Requirements
Whatever it Takes Contract
You're Invited

Understanding Male Parenting & Its Effect on Child Development
Joel Austin, President & CEO of Daddy University, Inc. and Sena Owereko, V.P. Marketing and Development, School of Parent of Education
Download Handout: Understanding Fatherhood

Unlocking the Scientist in Your Child
Susan M. Culyba, Title I Teacher, Ringgold School District
No Handouts

Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students)
Michael Knowles
Download Handout: Dads of Great Students

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Sessions

Differentiated Learning: One Tool Doesn’t Fit All
Dr. Shauna Zukowski, Federal Programs & Secondary Curriculum, Armstrong School District
Download Handouts: What is Differentiated Assessment?

Education Issues Workshop
Ron Cowell, President,The Education Policy and Leadership Center
Download Handout: The Education Policy Center

Reading to Learn: Easy Comprehension Strategies for Home
Dr. Dana A. Keck, Fort LeBoeuf School District
Download Handout: Robinson Elementary Summer Reading Response Sheet

Supporting Your Child’s Academic Future: What Every Parent Needs to Know
Dr. Nicole Poncheri, Principal, Norristown Area School District and Lee Martin, Head Counselor, Norristown Area School District
Download Handouts:
What all Parents Should Know about the Common Core
What Are the Benefits of the Common Core Standards for Parents?

The WOW that Keeps on WOWING (WOW = Wonderful Opportunities Waiting)
Susan Snyder, Reading Specialist, Everett Area School District and Clyde Snyder, Bus Driver, Everett Area School District
Download Handouts:
The Wow that Keeps Wowing booklet
The Wow that keeps Wosing PowerPoint

What’s in your wallet? A library card…for your child?
Julie A. Moore, Principal McCormick ES/Title I Coordinator, Moon Area School District
No handouts


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